Ever known we can send emails to 1000 people EVERYDAY for FREE?

on Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have been hearing alot about this new FREE service (The Viral URL) that helps you build your email list.  I have come across a lot of list builders that really work like Viral Secret , ListJoe and List Bandit.  Now The Viral URL has popped up on the list building radar.  Is this list builder legit or is it just another service that claims to give you the world?

I joined The Viral URL last week and I have to say that its not a bad product especially if you are a new beginner looking to builder your list for free.  In a weeks time I have generated about 70 leads to my list which is about 7 leads a day.  Not to bad for a free list building service.
I'd like to recommend to bloggers for having The Viral URL as the best medium to build a list for free.  I wouldn't use it as my only list building resource but it gets the job done.  If you are a beginner then I would recommend using it for starters.  If you get in now you should benefit from it . Lets get SMARt people!

Imagine, If you have nuffnang, pay per click, domain hosting affiliates, solo ads, and anything that can make money on every single click,and every single day 1000 people click on those ads?

Hope you are good in math. I actually got no idea that this things does EXIST in the first place! 

This video is the review of the top listbuilder which is VirulURL by Jim Chao

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