Using Testimonials To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Websites and Sales Letters

on Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hi There Its Time to create Massive Traffic to your website! 
You can take advantage of this few things that im gonna write here:

Testimonials can be used in a variety of ways, including as a way to drive more targeted traffic to your blog and other sites on the web. If you are working online, make it a point to both give testimonials to those whose products and services you have benefitted from and ask for ones from the people who have purchased your products and services. Think about putting it into words that are based on actual results, describe exactly what changes occurred as a result of using the product or service, and what your next step will be, based on the results that were achieved.

Be sure to include a photo of yourself that is both recent and professional. A picture is worth a thousand words, so this is an opportunity to let people who visit the site see you at your best. It is best if you are alone in the picture, and not wearing any sunglasses or hats. You want to appear credible to those you will take your words to heart.

Instead of giving specifics as to how much money you made, how much weight you lost, or how much real estate you purchased - just some examples - include information as to the process you learned that allowed you to achieve your goal. For example, tell how you were able to create your first information product within thirty days as a result of the training you received. Make sure to give some details about where you were when you began, and where you are now that you have completed the training or consumed the information.

If you have the chance to record an audio testimonial, by all means do it. When others can hear your voice it is more meaningful and believable to them. Speak naturally, as though you were speaking to someone face to face. This can be very powerful to the people who visit the site and listen to what you have to say.

Think about everyone who could do this for your products and services, as well as everyone you could do this for. Make this a regular part of your marketing plan as you continue to help others and be helped. You will find that the professional marketers make a study of this topic and include as many testimonials as possible on every site they have. You can do the same thing as you build your online business.

Remember that the reason to START an Internet business is to Give you the time and Financial Freedom to live the life you choose.

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