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By Neal Izham
Author of NealSecretSuccess.com
Hi Fellow Networkers, have you ever come across to this famous blog SAY NO TO MLM?
So far I’ve been following this blog for quite a long time and I’m addicted it a lot! and I’m really looking forward for the next post. Why I say so? Although they condemned MLMers like crazy but they actually really had done ONE REAL GOOD JOB! Say THANKS to the admin, Aidid Mu’addid for his contribution and constant research on available MLM companies in Malaysia! He had also provide latest information for the whole community, in fact for the whole country on the  reality fact on MLM activities.
Here’s some GOOD examples :
I’d highly recommend this blog to be viewed more frequently in a way to INCREASE THE AWARENESS of the UNHEALTHY MLMer’s activities. MLMers might be from your family and friends, even your loved ones. That’s why I’m writing this article so that people who are already involved or anyone looking for some information on the existing MLM companies can gain some solid opinion and judgement on certain issues. LOOK at the total viewers so far, 980704 almost reaching a million viewers in such short time Very impressive! this really shows that people are ‘liking’ and interested on the issues they have highlighted :
This is based on the latest view : 20th January 2011
To fellow networkers, please don’t be taken abacked of the whole idea. Everyone deserve to point out their opinion and idea because everyone has their own right to do so. Its up to you, yourself to determine whether or not you are doing the right thing. People can criticize almost everything, they have the power to recruit such large community as they have the same perspective. They are willing and working really hard to spread the idea (which is, something good to know). Still not getting it? Simply said, why I love this blog is because I personally can learn and understand each human behavior from both sides. The Pros and Cons. The Good and The Bad.
For example, they have highlighted this issue (MLMer’s Idiotic Habits on Facebook)
What you can get from this content is a very  pure value. They are telling from their hearts, and soon I can have even more things to improve with the help of the visitor’s comments. What I’m actually telling here is that, we can learn from almost anything BUT…take everything on the positive side. We cannot simply say “We Hate Say No To MLM” , they are too obsess anti-MLM, they envy on us, they just Talk BS, No Brainers, no no nooo…that’s not the right way to defend yourself and your stance..
Take this point for example, MLMers love to show their money and often love to say “I WANT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE!!!” =)
If that resonates you or something that you are actually doing, and so many people don’t like it… the question is, would you still doing it since you know some people might be irritated by it? Or would you take that point as a reference and start making some improvement and learn from the mistakes?
Another quick example, if you’ve gone through the blog, it is used to say that MLMers are BloodSuckers, they are new era beggers, no brainers work with brainless uplines, now im talking IF you are already in network marketing…you must be saying..”This is NOT true!!!” A%SH0@*!! Or sometimes you’ve never even bother about it though..
But what I can see from here is that, IF you are truly BloodSuckers, you MUST admit it! you really need some improvisation to work with…BUT….what IF you say to yourself….AM I REALLY THAT PERSON? DO I ALWAYS SUCK PEOPLE’S MONEY? BEFORE THIS ALL I WAS THINKING WAS NOT TO HELP PEOPLE IN ANY CASE…ALL I WANT IS THEIR MONEY? AM I REALLY THAT MEAN?
Take some time to reflect yourself…have some time with the one close to you, someone that understand you and know who you really are…maybe your sister your mother your best friends? Because those people will definitely help you mentally and spiritually, they gonna support you whatever it costs… but again…do you think network marketing is an easy money job?
The best way to overcome the dilemma is you must have the mindset of being FAIR to your customer, in other word is…”what you get, you give back” or vice versa
Be flexible Be cool Be Professional my dear friends. One story about this one kinda well known Malaysian artist had made a Press conference. So, do you think this had got to do with “Say No To MLM “ blog?
I’m not making any unreliable judgement here but what I can see is that, this artist had actually publicise his product on the larger scale, bigger market, with hot issues, media reports and finally he’s making real money with his business for some FREE marketing techniques. Can you see it? This relates one another and I’m sure the artist had made his calculation before the spreading of the “hot” issue. =)
Last but not least! Dr.Rozmey, Jusmate 5, Dua Alam, 40 juta…familiar with these issues? This guy is also a brilliant networkers because he actually knows what he’s doing…criticism after criticism…people make jokes all around online and offline…they make fun of him…BUT…do you actually know what is he doing??? Hmmm?? Something to ponder my dear friends. He has actually made more and more than 40 million instead…His Biggest secret is he simply applying the Law of Attraction Marketing that simply turn him into Magnetic person. Here’s a Free quick review of this very valuable law to master :
Do it the right the way people!
Don’t forget to follow the SAY NO TO MLM blog for the latest post my friends! Dig in the values that I’ve provided and start making business the RIGHT way!
Wishing everyone a very Good Day and smile always! =)
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